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The Best Gold Signal Provider Since 2012

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Safe Point Analysis

We are famous for Safe Points Analysis  to identify the best BUY/SELL Limit Orders for spot gold trading. The Limit Orders generated by Safe Point Analysis not only helps you to save many hours of watching charts,  it also helps you to reduce your risk and increasees your profit. We love transparency, we public our gold trades after a gold signal is sent to our paid members via Email & SMS.

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What is the best gold signal?

The best gold signal should give you and edge in gold trading by limiting your risk and maximize your profit because gold is being traded daily by major central banks, large banks such as Scotia-Mocatta, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and Société Générale …, Major Gold Exchange Traded Funds, and Professional gold traders. Gold is the most volatile market in which gold can move from 300 pips to 1000 pips a day.

Based on our gold market knowledge and gold trading experiences for many years. We give you the following three criteria  to evaluate the best gold signal

1) It should follow the correct gold trend

2) It has a clear price entry and target with good risk:reward ratio

3) It has a well defined price stop level and time stop level ( this is an important criteria)

Note: Overbought or Oversold indicators and text book indicators are not suitable for gold trading

We, , are the only many-year-old & best gold signal provider on the internet who have been trading the gold market in different market conditions for many years. We have traded gold in the bull market in 2012, the bear market  2013 and side way market since the end of 2013 to 2014. We are proudly to provide you the best gold trading signal meeting these three criteria, if you receive a gold trading signal without these three criteria – please do not use it because it gives you no advantages  in gold trading

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Best Gold Signals via SMS & Email

Best Gold Signals via SMS & Email

DateBuy / Sell EntryExitProfit / Losss
March 23Buy @ 1243Close @ 1258+3000
March 15Sell @ 1201Close @ 1201$0
March 13Buy @ 1203Close @ 1203$0
March 09Buy @ 1207Close @ 1203.50– $350
March 02Sell @ 1245Close @ 1236+ $900
Feb 24Buy @ 1249Close @ 1258+ $900
Feb 23Buy @ 1238Close @ 1248+ $1000
Feb 20Sell @ 1237Close @ 1231+ $600

Flynn testimony, Mr. Trump Tax Reform and Gold Direction

Gold moved from 1272 to 1289 after news of Mr. Flynn testimony, however gold failed to close above the 1285 level to continues its short term up trend. Gold then dropped to test the 1271-1272 when US tax reform  plan was approved during the weekend.

The US Dollar is moving up and gold is trading from 1276 to 1271 after tax reform. Gold will drop to 1248-1249 if gold breaks the 1271-1272 zone today. A break of the 1271-1272 zone will start a new trend and gold will escape the choppy market which has lasted for many weeks