USD Index and Gold Trend

Gold has tested the 1343-1345 2 times because of the weak USD index. There is a big gap from 1343 to 1348 and gold will make a correction if the USD index makes a recovery of recent sell-off. The 1331-1333 is an important zone to watch for gold correction. Gold will drop fast after breaking […]

Flynn testimony, Mr. Trump Tax Reform and Gold Direction

Gold moved from 1272 to 1289 after news of Mr. Flynn testimony, however gold failed to close above the 1285 level to continues its short term up trend. Gold then dropped to test the 1271-1272 when US tax reform  plan was approved during the weekend. The US Dollar is moving up and gold is trading […]

Dec 1 – USDJPY and Gold Trend for Dec 2017

The USDJPY has made a strong bounce from the 110.90-111.00 zone to 112.50 and as a result, gold has been sold off from 1295 to 1270. Gold is currently going up or down following the USDJPY and it has been moving from the range 1265-1295 for many days. Gold is expected to trade choppy from […]

Nov 28, 2017 – US GDP Report and Gold Trend

Mr. Powell has confirmed the continuation of current Fed monetary policy which means that the Fed will raise interest rate in Dec, 2017.  The USD has been up since then and which makes gold failing to break the 1296-1297 zone.  Gold is currently moving up or down following the USDJPY and the USD GDP report […]

Can new Fed chair bring negative gold signal?

Gold has moved from 1265 to 1295-1298 after the new Fed Chair announcement some weeks ago. The USD has been sold off in the last 3-4 weeks, however today the new Fed Chair, Mr Powell, will have a meeting in Congress and will speak about raising interest rate plan and bank regulations. Gold is moving […]