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Recent Performance

DateBuy / Sell EntryExitProfit / Loss
April 15BUY 2346, Stop 2340, TP 23782378+$3,300
April 9, 2024SELL LIMIT 2364, Stop 2369, TP 23222322+4,200
April 5, 2024BUY LIMIT 2283, Stop 2278, TP 23002293+ $1,000
April 4, 2024BUY LIMIT 2285, Stop 2285, TP 2298-230022850


I Have been a subscriber of GoldSignals over 3 months (VIP Trend), by far the best gold signal provider I have ever used.

Fernando, A Fund Manager

I quickly learnt how to trade for my self using his methods. Superb service. I recommend it to everybody interested in trading gold or trading in general.

Edel, A Beginner’s Forex Trader

Maximize Your Trading Success. Save Time

There are three types of gold signals:

The first type, called ‘set and forget’ signals, is for part-time and busy gold traders or gold investors who would like to have more time for their work, their family, and spend less time for trading. With this approach, you’ll only need 15 minutes a day for executing and managing trades, effectively balancing your work and trading.

This type has 1:3 to 1:6 risk reward ratio. It’s useful for both beginners and experienced traders to develop patience and discipline in their daily gold trading plan. In about 2-3 months, you will establish good trading habits, enhance your trading abilities, and avoid basic trading mistakes like trading out of fear and hope or FOMO (fear of missing out), making a buy or sell based on your thinking or prediction to market events.

The second type of signal, known as active signals, is designed for gold traders who actively trade throughout the day but are currently experiencing losses. These signals aim to help improve their trading profits by providing timely and actionable insights.

The second type of gold trading signals is designed for all busy and active traders, focusing on minimizing risks. It helps you get accustomed to making small losses while aiming to provide a regular income and boost trading confidence. This strategy has been internally traded live for 5 years with positive results. Training your mind to get comfortable with taking small losses is the key to successful gold trading.

Our instant gold signals notification service is tailored for you, enable you to use active gold signals anytime anywhere.

The third type is advanced signals specifically designed for positional trading. These signals offer a notable risk-reward ratio, typically ranging from 1:8 to 1:20. These signals are meticulously crafted to maximize your profit .

Trade Smart. Trade Safe (Safe Point Analysis For Better Risk Management)

We’re renowned for our Safe Points Analysis, a technique that pinpoints the finest BUY/SELL Limit Orders and the current trend for trading gold. It is well-known for making 21,700 profit in 3 months, please click here to view the performance.

By utilizing this analysis, you can save 6-8 hours daily that would otherwise be spent on gold chart, U.S Dollar Index chart, trading setups, order flow analysis, central bank policies, geopolitical tensions, and economic news observation. Please view the how to successfully trade spot gold guide if you would like to study further.

Safe trading involves analyzing historical risk management data of safe points and stop loss management. It helps minimize your risk by informing you about how much risk you should take for each gold signal, when to move your stop to break even point so that you have a risk free trade, and when to exit if a signal doesn’t go as expected. There are many risk management strategies such as fixed position sizing, variable position sizing, and the Kelly Criterion. It also helps you to select the correct risk management strategy to grow your trading capital and to have long-term trading success.

Smart trading involves spotting a trend and continuing to follow it until it ends. The Safe Points Analysis is a fantastic tool for boosting your trading profits by gradually increasing your positions when the trend is working in your favor. This technique, known as scale in, is a strategy frequently employed by seasoned traders to maximize their performance during favorable market conditions.

In summary, our gold signals include important aspects of successful gold trading like following trends, managing risks, and scaling in. This saves you from needing to put in 3 to 5 years of hard work to get these strategies working for you.

Accuracy vs Risk Reward Ratio and Consistency

A lot of beginner traders mistakenly believe that a gold signal service with 85%-90% accuracy guarantees great trading outcomes. But this is actually not true. To understand more, please click here

First, you should focus on getting good risk-reward signals. Even if these signals are correct only 60% of the time (a 60% accuracy rate), a 1:3 risk-reward gold signal can still result in positive outcomes.

Second, focusing on trading consistency is more important than accuracy. A good gold signal service will help you gain trading consistency over time by encouraging patience and discipline, guiding you to follow trading rules, enhancing your risk management skills, and helping you avoid many common gold trading mistakes.

Third, gold trading is complex and challenging. No gold trading strategy can achieve an 80%-90% accuracy rate.

Many successful and famous traders have done the followings to have trading consistency and improve their profit. You should do the same if you would like to trade on your own.

  • Focus on making trades with a risk-reward ratio of at least 1.3 or higher.
  • Keep track of their charts and write down their thoughts and emotions to learn from their experiences and mistakes.
  • Use a grading system like A+, A, B, C to categorize your trades based on profit and emotions. Be patient and wait for the best opportunities, like A+ and A trades, to improve their accuracy.

To have long term gold trading success, you should focus on consistency and 1:3 risk reward or higher gold signals.

What is the best gold signal?

Most successful gold traders are aware of who they’re trading against and the context of gold price movement. In gold trading, price movements ranging from 300 to 1000 pips are primarily driven by major central banks, large investment and commercial banks, major Gold ETFs like SPDR, and professional gold traders.

The best gold signals should provide an edge in the complex gold market by reducing risks and maximizing profits.

Based on our gold market knowledge and gold trading experiences for many years. We give you the following three criteria  to evaluate the best gold signal

1) It should follow the correct gold trend

2) It has a clear price entry and target with good risk:reward ratio

3) It has a well defined price stop level, time stop level ( this is an important criteria), and stop loss management for a risk fee trade.

An example of a risk free trade: The Gold SELL 2364 Signal on April 9 has its stop loss moved to 2364.

Best Gold Signal SELL 2364 - A Risk Free Trade

Note: If gold price goes to 2364, the SELL 2364 is break-even or it makes a $4200 profit.

We,, are the most experienced and best gold signal provider online, with years of trading in various market conditions. We’ve traded gold in the bull market of 2012, the bear market of 2013, and the sideways market from the end of 2013 to 2014. We’re proud to offer gold trading signals that meet these three criteria.

If you receive a gold trading signal without these three criteria – please do not use it because it does not give you any advantages  in gold trading

How to use a gold signal

When you receive a gold signal sent to your email or instant communication message. It will have an order type: Pending Buy, Pending Sell, or Instant Execution.

gold signal guide

  • For pending Buy signal: you will create a Buy Limit order in which its entry price will be lower than the current market price.
  • For pending Sell signal: its entry price is higher and its type is  Sell Limit
  • For Instant Execution: you will create a market order at the current market price

Using our history performance data: pending Buy/Sell signal will help you to be patient, save your time, and cut your risk of losing up to 80%.

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