Gold is trading in range of 2010 to 2025 after U.S PMI and GDP.

Gold is consolidating from 2010 to 2015 after the U.S PMI and GBP releases. Gold is up following Middle East tensions , but the U.S Yield rising is keeping gold down.

Gold trend is bias toward down and it will drop to test the 2009-2011 or 2001-2002 this week if gold is not able to trade above the 2025-2026 zone.

On Jan 29, Gold may test the 2025-2026 or 2009-2011 and then make its big price movement to set up a new trend.

Case 1: Gold will drop to 1993-1995 or 1978-1980 if gold breaks the 2009-2011.

Case 2: Gold will go to 2046-2048 or 2059-2061 if gold breaks the 2025-2026.

Gold traders should watch for the 2009-2011 and 2025-2026 for trading direction for the week Jan 29, 2024 to Feb 2, 2024

Bellow is $1400 profit Gold Signal to Sell 2030-2032 after hot U.S CPI report last Thursday, Jan 11 2024.

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