Gold market analysis and gold signal after Mr. Powell speaking for Feb 24, 2021

Gold was sold off heavily from 1810-1811 to 1795-1796 before Mr. Powell speaking. And a Sell gold signal at 1810-1811 was executed for around 130 pips profit on Feb 23, 2021

However, gold went from 1796 back to the 1811-1813 during Mr. Powell speaking because Mr. Powell said that the Fed would keep the current interest rate and momentary policies.

Sell Gold Signal 1810-1811 before Mr. Powell’ speaking

Gold is expected to trade from 1798 to 1815 to wait for a new trend after Mr. Powell’ speech. Gold is expected to make big movement to 1831-1833 or 1848-1851 if gold breaks the 1813-1815 zone

The 1813-1815 is the key zone for short term gold trend

Failing to break the 1813-1815 is bearish and gold sell signal will be formed around 1813-1815. The 1813-1815 is the key zone to watch for bull/bear fighting for gold direction.

Gold Resistant Zones: 1813-1815, 1829-1833

Gold Support Zones: 1798-1801, 1781-1783, 1773-1775, 1763-1765

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