Is Gold making a reversal after failing to break the 1895-1900?

Gold was sold off around 1933-1938 to 1895-1900 last week, but it was able to trade above the 1900 level on Friday, June 30 last week.

Gold went up to test the 1929-1931 zone yesterday after bad U.S ISM report, but it failed to break this zone. Gold is still trading in the range 1900-1940 and the gold up trend reversal is not confirmed yet.

Gold has strong resistant around 1929-1931 and 1936-1939. Today is July 4th, U.S Holiday so gold may test the 1929-1931 or 1936-1939 because of low trading volume.

Gold is building a temp support around 1919-1921, gold short term trend is up if gold trades above 1919-1921. Pls view H1 Gold chart bellow

The 1929-1931 or 1936-1939 are the selling zones, gold may drop to 1900-1895 again if gold is sold off around 1929-1931 or 1936-1939.

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