USD Index and Gold Trend After Mr. Biden took office.

Gold was sold off heavily from 1855-1856 to 1803 on Friday and Monday Jan 17. However, gold has went up from the 1803-1805 to test the 1855-1857.

Gold tested the 1855-1857 and it was sold off quickly to the 1832-1833 zone before Mr. Biden took an oath of office.

Gold made a quick reversal and it broke the 1853-1856 to go to 1870-1875 because gold investors are expecting a big 1.9Tn stimulus package gone through.

Gold tested the 1875 and it is dropping to test the 1850-1855. Will the 1850-1855 hold its support during today New York trading? gold trend will be up if the 1850-1855 is not broken.

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