USD Index and Gold Trend

USD index got stronger and gold was sold off to 1676-1680 because US Bond Yield went up in the last couple of days.

gold trend vs USD index

However, USD index is making a trend reversal after Mr. Biden 1.9 trillion stimulus package is approved officially on Tuesday, Mar 10 2021.

Gold broke the 1718-1720 zone during late New York trading session and it is going to 1736-1738. Breaking the 1718-1720 is a positive sign for gold up trend and gold can go to 1775-1780 or further to 1800.

Golds short term trend is making a reversal from down to up after the 1.9 trillion stimulus news. Gold signal is positive and any correction is a good chance to buy gold.

Use this tool to view gold buy or sell trend vs USD Index