Why gold is back above 1800 after Thanksgiving

Gold broke the 1800-1801 to drop to 1761-1765 before Thanksgiving because of low trading volume and Fed meeting minutes suggested no stimulus package.

Breaking 1800 to drop to 1761-1765
Strong support at 1765 and news of new proposed stimulus causing gold to go above 1809

On Dec 1, 2020 gold made a recovery from 1776 to 1732 because there is news of a new proposed stimulus package which is positive for gold.

On Dec 2, 2020 gold made a spike to 1832 and it is dropping to the 1813-1818 zone wait for more stimulus news.

Gold is waiting for stimulus approval news to go to 1850 if gold cannot drop bellow the 1809-1811 zone. However, gold will drop to 1801 or further to 1789 if the new stimulus package does not get through again.

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