Will gold go to 1835 even though the FOMC is calling for tapering?

Gold failed to break the 1796-1798 several times after the earlier taping called in the last week FOMC Meeting minutes. Gold closed around 1708 last Friday and it is forming strong support zone around 1793-1798. Gold will go to 1835 if the US Dollar is sold off heavily again on Monday July 12 Gold failed to break 1793-1798 after earler tapeing calll by the Fed If gold can trade above the 1803-1805 on Monday, it will go to test 1815-1818 and further to 1835-1838 if the 1818 level is broken. Gold Support Zones: 1803-1805, 11793-1798 Gold Resistant Zones: 11813-1818, 1835-1838 Would you like to trade gold like a Pro? Please Click Here to learn how to make $16,000 profit in 4 months

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